Amazing Valentine's Day cookies from Boston for the poly family. #love #sugar #eachonedifferent http://ping.fm/CKpad


RT @Emanix: I can't imagine this boding well for poly dating. Match dot com buys OKCupid. http://bit.ly/fbsoze #polyamory #NoMoreFreeDating



Ah mais alors en fait, c'est le printemps chez vous ? #backfromnorthpole
I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. #cheesysong #sad
I've lost my iPhone gloves; they would have been handy on my now broken iPhone screen #bleedingfingers


Loeb Theater in Harvard Square: R. Buckmeister Fuller: The History of the Universe (with sets build by my girlfriend's boyfriend)


Totally bought soda from Clerks' Quick Stop.
So yesterday, I lost my iPhone gloves, and my Iceland gloves. I hope they're at the Secret Stash. Any excuse to get back.


I've travelled 5500km to visit the Secret Stash. There in 10 minutes. I secretly hope @ThatKevinSmith will be there.