Geotagging pictures in Aperture 3. Re-living some cool vacations.
Just bought a sextoy, a Mitterrand biography, and a gift for my girlfriend's boyfriend. #randomstuff



Bon anniversaire à @pouiffe, et gloire à son avatar-coffee-and-tv.
Now playing song: Grandaddy - Nonphenomenal Lineage from the album Under The Western Freeway [Track.1]
Now playing song: The Dresden Dolls - Delilah from the album Yes, Virginia... [Track.5]
Early at work. System apparently not willing to let me work. Nap?
Now playing song: Michelle Branch - Goodbye to You from the album The Spirit Room [Track.5]
RT @MrsStephenFry: At the cinema. Either a Woody Allen film or Avatar but I can't stand those ridiculous glasses. So we're watching Avatar.
I love getting home and finding a note. With lipstick and all.
Avatar is way better in 3D... I think.


Late for the movie! Don't care. The moments with these two are priceless.
Bringing two roses for a date #polypower
Quelqu'un pour voir Avatar en 3D au mk2 Odeon ou Nation ce soir ?
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Now playing song: The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight from the album Give Up [Track.1]
Les bretons, c'est les chtis de l'ouest.
Poly coming out to my boss' wife. I guess I'm really out now.


Si proche du but ! À vue de nez, 20 minutes de queue.
"Putain j'aime trop les mecs" (mon collègue, évidemment hors contexte)
"Qu'est-ce que j'irais faire sur un site de rencontre, je sais déjà pas où donner du cul !"


The Ex is supposed to come here in 3 minutes, I'm not dressed and I haven't had lunch. I'm not stressed.


Installing Mac OS X 10.5 on a Power Mac G5, while Aperture 3 upgrades my photos on my MacBook Pro. It's a good evening.
Watching the concert I've missed last year.
Watched 'Across the Universe', the Beatles musical, after the Lennon documentary. Themed evenings are cool.
Just watched 'The U.S. vs John Lennon'. Loved seeing this side of him.


According to Mactracker, this Power Mac G5 weighs 20kg. That's the reason I usually collect laptops.
Arrived home safe. I need a shower.
I think my Mac mini is actually faster than that Power Mac G5. And that's the one with the liquid cooling and all the options.
In French, we call that "heavy as a dead donkey". I've always laughed at the phrase, but not today.
RT @Tentacara: je suis l'invitée du journal de 22h de france culture.. pour une fois que c'est pas moi qui le réalise!
On my way home, with a freakin' Power Mac G5 in my arms.
Quick poll: Who would buy a Twilight iPhone case? At what price?


"La Clique" was made of awesome. The hot kind.
Now playing song: AFI - This Time Imperfect (Hidden Track) from the album Sing the Sorrow [Track.13]
Now playing song: Bif Naked - Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover) from the album Superbeautifulmonster [Track.6]
Eating Onigiris out of the box, thinking about who made them.
Now playing song: Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky from the album The Dark Side of the Moon [Track.4]
Two lovers in a cold night http://ping.fm/WOLfS
Mes collègues : "T'es en mode triste aujourd'hui ?" Oui. En fait, oui. Et Glasvegas n'arrange rien.
Early at work, snuggling into someone else's scarf. It's like kindergarten with a security blanket.
For @garoo (2/2) RT @seinneann: ... it is the purest form of art. Discuss.
For @garoo (1/2) RT @seinneann: Since writing on toilet walls is done neither for critical acclaim nor financial reward, ...
Je ne joue pas. J'ai besoin qu'on me manipule avec tact et douceur. Quand on me malmène, on me brise.


Aaaaaand I just missed my train stop.
They called me onstage :D They threatened to throw knives and axes at me, then dressed me up as the back half of a horse. Loved it.
Entracte. The best circus show I've ever seen.
Au cirque Renaldo à Antony.
Quelques photos du Kiss In place Saint Michel. http://ping.fm/LhYnj
Hey, did you know I have a gorgeous neighbour?
In a dark hallway, waiting someone to open my door.
195€ to get the door open at night. "Only" 130€ during the day. That's not counting a new lock.


I've locked myself out of my flat. I've celebrated the New Year with my family. I wanted to sleep at my parents' but they're on vacation.
Nouvel An Chinois : Et le Tigre est en toi.
Left two lovelies in the subway. I hope I find them again soon.
I kissed a girl, I liked it, and another, then a boy, then his girlfriend, then another boy, and I liked it even more. #kathyperryisapussy
Brunching after the kiss-in, with our extended lovely family.
♡+♡=❤² ¡sǝuıʇuǝlɐʌ ʎddɐɥ
Rushing up; let's find a place to brunch; then kiss-in at Saint Michel.


At the Jet Lag, with three dozen lovely poly people. Next stop: Les Souffleurs.
Leaving now, for a party that started about 10 minutes ago. Me, late?
Art. 1er. − Au 4 du I de l’annexe de l’art. D322-1 du code de la sécu, les mots : "troubles précoces de l’identité de genre" sont supprimés.


Just got an wedding invitation from Eloise. Just... not the same one. Got some Jude lyrics in my head anyway.


"Monty Python's Spamelot est un spectacle musical tiré du film Sacré Graal". Adapté, dirigé et joué par Pierre-François Martin-Laval.
Entracte. Ce spectacle est fabuleux #montypythons #holygraal
SpamaloooooOOOoooot !!!
Ce soir, spectacle surprise. Je veux savoaaaaaar !
Je veux ça chez moi ! http://ping.fm/lrTGx
Testing Aperture 3. Seeing the time it takes to import 400 photos, it's going to take about a week to process my library for Faces.


Evening alone at home. Tempted by my bed, and doing nothing. Or a movie. Or publishing photos?
Restaurant with the Ex. It's going well. I guess I'll be surprised about it every time.



There was a DVD promo at the CNIT FNAC on my way home and I was weak again. DAMMIT!
These new square codes are awesome. Thanks to them, I know that my next bus comes at half past three. So I get to walk for 15 minutes.
Il n'y aurait pas un changement d'heure ce week end qui justifierait un retard d'une heure, par hasard ?
Woke up at 8.38. I'm already out running for my train at 8.52.
has received some gorgeous shots from @alecska. We're awfully cute on them :)



I would love to not be allergic to onions. It would be great to not catch a cold at the window while they're being cooked.
Training Sonos. Great product, a bit expensive.
The car broke down; we lost the keys of the new place; we had to park far, once we found help. Then it started raining. In bed, at last.


This sounded like a great orgasm. Thanks for the show, neighbour!
And now on the train to help @coffeepint move out. Did I tell you about a VERY diverse evening?
Mexican food and beer with colleagues from London. A very diverse evening.
Breathe. I'm not supposed to fall for her all over again.
Another evening at the doctor's. Do they do fidelity cards?
On se laisse toucher par un roman triste, on se dit que c'est bientôt fini, et soudainement l'héroïne avorte d'un Aurélien. #deprime
Je suis Louise, je suis Adrien, tour à tour salaud, victime, sous Dinintel, sous Xanax, je suis triste, gai, triste encore... Rien de grave.
This morning I bought the iPod touch software 3 update for Meta. She doesn't know it yet.


I feel down and I don't know why. I don't like it. I need hugs, I need silence, I need sleep.
Je vais être en avance à #pariscarnet, et je ne sais pas si je vais rester longtemps.
Tartiflette et Foie Gras : best lunchbox ever. Thanks Mom!
Today is strike day again. Yay.


(2/2) There is usually an air of campness about an Aurelien. I tried to read my newspaper but this Aurelien didn't stop babbling.
(1/2) Aurelien Noun: is used for an extremely annoying, loud, irritating white male, especially one with an incomprehensible foreign accent.
About to celebrate my mother's 51st birthday. I know you're not supposed to tell a lady's age, but I think she can still brag a little.


Tentative de titre pour un documentaire sur les trans : Je ne suis pas folle, vous savez !
Tentative de titre pour un documentaire sur les trans : Tintin et la dysphorie de genre.
Tentative de titre pour un documentaire sur les trans : Rencontres du troisième genre.
Tentative de titre pour un documentaire sur les trans : La folle enquête d'un genre nouveau.
Mise en scène très moderne, fun, et un sosie de John @hodgman dans le rôle du Prince !
La Cenerentola de Rossini, au Théâtre des Champs Élysées, dans quelques minutes.
Le Théâtre des Champs Élysées, il est pas du tout sur les Champs Élysées. Dammit.